Positioning for Technology Consultancy

  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • Capgemini
  • Stackoverflow
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Software developer
  • Business analyst
  • Architect
  • Youtube tutorial
  • Udemy class
  • Online coding Bootcamp
  • Blog content
  • Technical skill
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Product management skill
  • Personal stories
  • Video content
  • Best practice content
  • Business skill
  1. I have written a blog and shared technical knowledge. So What?
  2. CEOs are readers. They read a lot. So What?
  3. They got recommended blogs by their friends. They read the blogs that all other CEOs are reading. So What?
  4. The blog would be a good lead generation tool for my business. So What?
  5. Understand my thinking in business and technology before working with me.
  • 1.1 Blog content: rearranged to a book and is selling on Amazon Kindle. Most business books are too long for CEOs. They annoyed CEOs, full of fluff, too hard to skim, way longer than they needed to be. My blog is a short and skimmable product, something you can pick up and read in a busy schedule.
  • 1.2 Product management content: I have done three startups products and delivered four enterprise software in total, with a lot of product launch experience. My product development expertise is more than other folks.
  • 1.3 Technical content: With hands-on software development experience, which many business consultants cannot provide.
  • 1.4 Business content: It’s about soft skills in stakeholder management, leadership, communication and presentation, which many software developers cannot provide.
  • 2.1 Best practice content: Understand the banking industry, which I can teach people or facilitate a training session through best practices.
  • 2.2 Knowledge sharing: Deploying new technical products in the financial market.
  • 3.1 Personal Stories: Contact and hire for Technology Consulting Services in the Banking Industry after reading the blog.
  • 3.2 Video content: Storytelling with humour
  • Modify landing page on re-positioning messages.
  • Add additional case studies to the website.
  • Conduct interviews with top-five clients to further clarify messaging.
  • Create a sales pitch on the technology consultancy positioning
  • Response to RFP (request for proposal) for consultancy work
  • Add technology and business content to the personal blog for brand awareness



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Victor Leung

Victor Leung

I’m a keen traveler to see every country in the world, passionate about cutting edge technologies.